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The power of a different background

Environment can always influence our living and our work, both in positive and negative ways. If you have a positive attitude in a group of people, and the others do not (because they don't agree or don't understand), there's a risk: will you preserve this positive attitude or will you lose it in order to adapt? You have to be absolutely sure about your awareness: a positive attitude deserves to be reiterated. Period.

Leave this world a little better than you found it - Robert Baden Powell

Let's focus this topic, about work. I've often went out of my comfort zone, trying to push myself working in alien contexts, far away from me and my knowledges.

In this situations, the first thing I say to myself is: "What the fuc-, here everybody is so different from me". In this overGIFted world:

But everytime, the second thing I say is "Ok, let's find out what teach them, and what learn back". I think that your background is your jewelry box, something you always have to be proud of. At the same time, the more you share with others, the more it increases its value.

So, being in a context where you are the only one with your knowledge, is extremely positive because you can share with others your skills. Do not be scared about the different. Always find a way to make the gap positive and proactive.

And help others believing in the power of diversity.

j zamora